Client Ledger Explained

1. To locate a client's ledger, first find the "Search" tool on the top navigation menu. Type in the name of the client whose ledger you wish to view. When the client's ledger appears below, you will see that this ledger consists of three main components: the client's name, the client's balance, and individual transactions. Each row in the client's ledger represents an individual transaction in a given account. When working with multiple accounts, separate tables are created for each account.

2. Within the ledger, the "Actions" drop down menu provides options for managing each individual transaction (i.e. editing or voiding edits or withdrawals). Additionally, the client's balance (centered beneath the ledger) has a and a to deposit or withdraw funds.

3. Every transactions is either a debit (withdrawal, indicated as a negative amount) or a credit (deposit) against an account. Each transaction also has a balance forward - this is the client's balance after the transaction has cleared. To stay in compliance there should never be a negative forward balance. Take a look at our article on negative client balances to learn how to find and fix them.