Trust Accounting Nightmare

Running a law firm is not an easy task. Communicating with clients, updating calendars, preparing for trials, etc. All the things you do to make your firm run smoothly and grow your clientele on a daily basis. Then on top of all that, you need to manage your clients’ trust accounts!

Many attorneys say that the best way to manage their trust accounts is by not using them at all. Of course, we all know that this is not realistic. State laws compel you to use escrow accounting in managing your clients’ funds, and you MUST remain in full compliance, or your next audit may not go so well. The problem is that managing these accounts is a logistical nightmare. Mismanaging them, on the other hand, is even worse. It can lead to terrible consequences, even disbarment in some cases.

Aside from the basic mistakes that can happen while managing your trust account (Top tips for Trust Accounting), an attorney is required to keep strict documentation for each transaction. Attorneys are also required to reconcile their bank accounts monthly to avoid mistakes going unnoticed for a long time. Generating such reports on a monthly basis can be very time-consuming, particularly when you are trying to reconcile an error from several months ago.

Our attorney trust account software liberates you from this nightmare!

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Trust Accounting Done Right

In order to free attorneys from trust accounting problems, we have created online software that is presented on a service trust accounting platform. This means no software to install on your end and no need to learn another complicated computer program. Our software uses a very intuitive user-friendly interface, making managing your account as fun and easy as surfing the internet.

With Account Legal, you can generate those dreaded trust accounting reports with the click of a button. Then you can download them in a secure pdf format and print out a physical copy for your own records. Our software allows you to access client ledgers as you look through your reports!! Quickly analyze your reports and fix any mistakes as soon as they happen. There are also built-in warning mechanisms to alert you of any possible discrepancies as soon as they occur, so you can fix them right away.

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Happy Lawyering!!

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